Illinois EPA Clean Water Act Section 319  Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grants
  IEPA - EPA  
FREP is available to assist watershed stakeholders who wish to submit 319 Grants
Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program grant applications are due to Illinois EPA by the close of business
on August 1, 2016.
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The FREP resolutions of support for watershed-based plans are available on our website HERE. If there is one for your subwatershed and you are applying for a grant, be sure and include the resolution with your grant applications.
Application deadline is August 1, 2016
•Final applications due at Illinois EPA HQ in
  Springfield by August 1

•Illinois EPA forwards recommendations to USEPA
  in late fall/early winter

•Illinois EPA announces grant awards
  the following spring

•Financial Assistance Agreements executed
If you are interested in preparing a grant proposal and have questions or would like help from FREP, please contact:
Dan Lobbes, FREP Water Resources Advisor
ph:  (630) 428-4500 x201

Holly Hudson, FREP Lakes Advisor
ph:  (312) 386-8700

Illinois EPA – Nonpoint Source Unit
ph:  (217) 782-3362; e-mail:
Important Links:
319 grant information & application
Request for Proposals, 319 Application, Instructions, Organization Certifications and Grant Conditions:

Illinois Integrated Water Quality Report and Section 303(d) List:

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) information:

Biannual 319 Report:
(includes list of Illinois EPA-approved watershed-based plans and Clean Lakes Phase 1 Reports)