9 Lakes TMDL Implementation Planning
Tower Lakes BridgeTower Lakes Bridge
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The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) received Clean Water Act funds from Illinois EPA to facilitate the development of a watershed-based plan for the “9 Lakes Planning Area” in southwestern Lake and southeastern McHenry Counties.  The plan will utilize data and information that an ongoing TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) analysis will provide.
A TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) is a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can receive and still meet water quality standards, and an allocation of that load among the various sources of that pollutant.

The new planning process follows the completion of the
Upper Fox River-Flint Creek Watershed TMDL Stage 1 Report.

Through the assessment of physical, chemical, and biological data collected by Illinois EPA and the Lake County Health Department – Lakes Management Unit, nine of the lakes in the planning area (as well as the section of the Fox River to which the planning area drains) have been found to not support certain of their designated uses (e.g., aquatic life, primary contact recreation) due to various causes of impairment including total phosphorus, total suspended solids, and fecal coliform. (See the 9 Lakes TMDL Implementation Planning – Fact Sheet)

The Stage 3 TMDL report, which is under development, will provide the load, or quantity, of the identified causes of pollution that can be allowed in each of the nine lakes and still meet water quality standards.   
The ultimate goal of the planning process is to determine where and which best management practices (BMPs) can best be implemented in order to reduce pollutant loads to the following nine lakes as well as the Fox River:

A. Cotton-Mutton Creek Watershed:    
     Island Lake, Woodland Lake, Lake Napa Suwe, Ozaukee Lake   

B. Slocum Lake Drain - Fiddle Creek Watershed:    
     Slocum Lake

C. Tower Lake Drain:    
     Tower Lake, Lake Fairview, Timber Lake, Lake Barrington

Planning partners include the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, Lake County Health Department – Lakes Management Unit, FREP, and the 4 Lakes Initiative.  All community members who live, work, or play in these watersheds are invited to attend and participate in this unique planning opportunity.   
9 Lakes Shoreline Erosion  Deem   1-30-14
Detention Basin Assessment and BMP Identification   10-23-13
Plan Update and Lakeshore Buffer Condition Assessment   8-28-13
Detention Basin Inventory   Hudson & Dibos  6-28-13
Stormwater Retrofits  Hudson  2-27-13
9 Lakes - Delineating Planning Area & Stream Conditions   Hudson  11-28-12
MS4 Overview   Novotney  11-28-12
Why Stormwater Matters   Hudson   9-26-12
Planning Update  Hudson  7-25-12
9 Lakes TMDL Implementation Planning   Loftus & Hudson   6-20-12
Resources & Documents
9 Lakes TMDL Implementation Plan   Working Draft    3-21-14
9 LAKES TMDL Implementation Planning  Working Goals & Objectives
9 Lakes TMDL Implementation Planning Fact Sheet
9 Lakes TMDL Planning Area - Watershed Resource Inventory
Guidance for Developing Watershed Action Plans in Illinois
Potential Goal Structure for Watershed Planning
Upper Fox River-Flint Creek Watershed TMDL Stage 1 Report
Tour of Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation District facilities
led by Todd Sheridan on May 8, 2013
Photo by Holly Hudson
Contact Info:
Tim Loftus, CMAP

Holly Hudson, CMAP

Meeting Dates:
May 15, 2014
2 PM       

Village of Port Barrington
Calling all shutterbugs! We are looking for photos that capture what you value about living, working, learning, and playing in our 9 Lakes planning area. These photos could be used here, and in presentations given at various meetings around the 9 Lakes planning area.

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9 Lakes TMDL Planning Area
BMP Location Map  Draft
  BMP Map Table 
Dentention Basin Draft Maps:
Cuba Township
Ela Township
Fremont Township
Hawthorn Woods
Island Lake
Lake Barrington
North Barrington
Nunda Township
Port Barrington
Tower Lakes
Wauconda Township
CMAP - Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
Illinois Environmental Projection Agency IEPA
Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
Lake County Health Dept. - Lakes Management Unit
4 Lakes Initiative
1-30-14  Draft
  For more information about what a watershed is and general information about this planning process, please click on this link: Watershed Planning Home
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