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FREP Noon Network
Wednesday, October 12, 2016     
Noon - 1:30 PM
Tour of Fox Metro Water Reclamation
 Rt. 31, Oswego       Website           Map

As you enter the parking lot, there are 3 buildings.
We will meet first in the north/adminstration building conference room for a presentation. We will then be led on a tour by Randy Hummer.
The Fox Metro Water Reclamation District (Fox Metro) was created in the late 1920's by a vote of 40,000 area residents concerned with the sanitation and health protection of their community.

The Treatment Plant routinely removes more than 98% of the common pollutants in the raw wastewater it receives. Fox Metro is capable of treating up to 42 MGD of wastewater generated by a population nearing 300,000 living in Aurora, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove and portions of Yorkville and Batavia.

The goals of Fox Metro are to economically treat the wastewater generated by the residents, industries, schools, businesses, churches, and other users within its boundaries and to consistently produce a final effluent that surpasses stringent Federal and State water quality standards and can safely be returned to the Fox River.
Above, Fox Metro Water Reclamation facilities
The presentation will be discussing microorganisms, like the one pictured below
Upcoming FREP Meeting:
Wednesday, November 9, 2016    1 PM
Fermilab, Batavia, Entrance at Pine Street & Kirk Road
We will meet in Wilson Hall, One East.
Wilson Hall is the main highrise building. 
Enter at the front doors. One East is past the elevator bank, to the left.
Osprey Nests and Platforms in the Fox River Watershed, Michael Campbell, Illinois Audubon Society
Ecological Restoration at Fermilab, Ryan Campbell
FREP Executive Committee meets at 11 AM
Photo from Audubon Society Website
Photo: Bob Howdeshell/Great Backyard Bird Count
Click HERE for their Osprey information page
Your suggestions for FREP Noon Networks and Meeting Programs are welcomed. Noon Networks feature projects, best management practices, and topics of interest to the FREP membership and general public. We move these
programs around the watershed to reach a larger audience.
The following dates are available for Noon Networks in 2017:
  February 8, 2017
April 12, 2017
June 14, 2017
August 9, 2017
October 11, 2017
To arrange to host a FREP Noon Network or Membership Meeting, please contact Becky Hoag, Communications Manager, 630-482-9157

Minutes of FREP Meetings can be found HERE.
President's Message
Well, now I know that at least Karen Miller reads these messages (no one else responded). I’ll continue writing them as if a few more folks read them occasionally.

We did not have a FREP meeting in September, and instead encouraged folks to attend The Conservation Foundation’s Beyond the Basics 2016: The Devil’s in the Details stormwater conference. And I know that I did see several of our members there as participants and presenters. As always, it was a great conference with concurrent tracks so that there was plenty to choose from.

This year’s conference marked the 6th stormwater conference the Conservation Foundation has done, and as their Executive Director Brook  McDonald reminded us all, it also marks the 20th anniversary of one of the worst floods in the Fox River basin. The 1996 flood reinforced some lessons learned after the 1987 flood on the DuPage River and in other places. And I remember both of these floods and how they affected me very well.

We have come a long way since then in our stormwater management and flood prevention with increased use of best management practices. But stormwater management and flood reduction does demand ever-evolving strategies, especially as we face more extreme storm events with our changing climate. And this conference highlighted many efforts in our region that are going beyond the now-standard practices and working to create new strategies and improved BMPs.

FREP was well-represented at the conference, and I encourage us all to keep abreast of any new strategies that may help our watershed be more resilient into the future. We are always looking for discussion and presentation topics for our regular meetings and for our Noon Networks.
Jeff Mengler, Hey & Associates, FREP President
WI-IL Fox River Water Trail Initiative
FREP has joined with the Southeast Wisconsin Fox River Partnership and the Village of Waterford, Wisconsin, to pursue the designation of all or portions of the Fox River in Wisconsin and Illinois as a National Water Trail through the National Park Services' National Water Trail System. Technical assistance from the NPS Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program has been awarded and planning is now proceeding.
The current Core Development Team Karen Miller, FREP; Angie Tornes, National Park Service; Greg Farnham, Rock River Trail Initiative; Brian Daly, CMAP; Tom Slawski, Southeast Wisconsin Fox River Partnership; Rick Kania, SEWRPC; Jodie Auliff, Illinois Paddling Council; and Barb Messick and Rebecca Ewald, Village of Waterford, WI.
UPDATE: The Core Development Team met in Waterford, Wisconsin on Sept. 15th. Thanks to Barb Messick from Waterford, we are nearing the final version of the online survey to collect data at each access site, dam and segment along the Fox River. Once it is finalized volunteers will be able to access the survey and complete it from their smartphones or tablets. Brian Daly at CMAP is working with data from the Northeastern Illinois Water Trails Map created by Openlands, the Illinois Paddling Council and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources created in 2007 so we can determine what data needs to be updated and added. Greg Farnham from the Rock River Trail Initiative brought several books that include information about the Fox River and examples of logos.  
For more information, visit the Water Trail Initiative page HERE, or contact Karen Ann Miller at
Springfield IDNR Internship Available
Position Title:  Student Intern – Part-time            Monthly Salary Range:  $1,346 - $2,848
Position Location: ORC, Private Lands and Watersheds
                         One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL (Sangamon County)
Work Schedule: Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, 1/2 hour lunch
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  Under administrative direction of the Farm Program Manager, for a period not to exceed four years, provides assistance to the public and private sector in the administration of the Department’s Conservation Stewardship Program.
Date Posted:  September 26, 2016   Last Day to Apply: October 7, 2016
To Apply:   Tammy Miller, IRAP Manager, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702, 217-524-1266
Employees interested in bidding for this position should complete the appropriate CMS100 Employment Application and submit it directly to the name and address listed above.           
Native Landscape & Ecological Restoration Guide
At the recent Beyond the Basics 2016: The Devil’s in the Details stormwater conference, Jeff Mengler discussed the new Chicago Wilderness Native Landscape & Ecological Restoration Guide: Recommendations for Contractor Selection, Project Specifications, Performance Standards, Monitoring and Management Guidelines, and Institutional Arrangements.

Prepared by the Chicago Wilderness Native Landscape & Restoration Contractor Selection Guide Working Group
This document is the culmination of many years of an off-and-on effort to provide something to help folks in selecting and hiring contractors for native landscaping and restoration work. We all know the stories of traditional landscape companies who think they know the native stuff selling the unsuspecting a “bill of goods” and then the projects fail because they didn’t really know what they were doing.
Download the Guide HERE on the FREP website

Or, find it on the Chicago Wilderness publications page
FREP on Facebook
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Many of our past Noon Network & Membership Meeting presentations are available in pdf form HERE
Remembering Bob Rung
We were sorry to learn about the September 19th death of a good friend of FREP's, Bob Rung, who was a fisheries biologist with Illinois Department of Natural Resources for many years.
Link to his Obit
FREP Membership Roll
Thank you to those below who have responded to our new membership drive for 2016-17
Our annual membership drive began in June and dues notices were sent out to current members.
We have sent membership appeals to additional potential members.
Members from last year who have not yet paid will receive a reminder in September.
Use the online membership form and link to make your payment through PayPal HERE
A printable/mailable form  HERE
Michael Ander, Friend, Sleepy Hollow
Applied Ecological Services
Barrington Area Conservation Trust
Barrington Area Council of Governments
Batavia Park District
Baxter & Woodman
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LTD
Campton Historic Agricultural, Inc./
   Garfield Farm  Museum
Campton Township
John Church, Friend, Oswego
City of Batavia
City of Elgin
Linda Cole, Friend, Aurora
The Conservation Foundation
Crystal Lake Park District
DeKalb County Forest Preserve District
Deuchler Environmental, Inc.
Dundee Township
Engineering Enterprises, Inc. - EEI
Environmental Defenders of McHenry County
Fox Metro Water Reclamation District, Oswego
Fox Valley Park District, Aurora
Friends of the Fox River
Geneva Park District
Geosyntec Consultants
Hey & Associates
Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District
Kendall County Forest Preserve District
Kendall County Soil & Water Conservation District
Lake County Forest Preserve District
Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
Lake in the Hills Sanitary District
Living Waters Consultants
Julie Long, Friend, St. Charles
McHenry County
McHenry County Conservation District
McHenry County Conservation Foundation
Oswegoland Park District
Jason Pettit, Friend, Aurora
Larry Rakunas, Friend, St. Charles
Schoppe Design Associates, Inc.
Jack Shouba, Friend, St. Charles
Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter
Kent E. Sims, Friend, Bolingbrook
St. Charles Park District
Laura Ross Stuart, Friend, Geneva
Tyler Creek Watershed Coalition
United City of Yorkville
V3 Companies
Shawn Van Kampen, Friend, Aurora
Village of Algonquin
Village of Fox River Grove
Village of Lake Barrington
Village of Millbrook
Village of Oakwood Hills
Village of Port Barrington
Nancy Williamson & Steve Byers, Friends, Lakewood
The FREP Membership Roll is also posted on our website HERE.
Links are provided for those members who have websites
We share this list in each issue so that readers of Downstream can easily find links to our members,
to promote communication and collaboration on Fox River watershed issues.
Watershed Planning
Boone-Dutch Creek Watershed
 in McHenry County
The Boone-Dutch Creek Watershed-based Plan and an Executive Summary have been posted to the project webpage on the FREP website HERE.

A plan implementation kick-off meeting is being planned in the near future.  If you would like to be added to the Boone-Dutch Watershed Planning contacts list to be alerted about upcoming meeting dates, please contact Holly Hudson at CMAP: 312-386-8700,  
CLICK HERE for the Boone-Dutch Creek Watershed Planning webpage with documents, information on meetings, and more.
For more information, contact Holly Hudson at CMAP: 312.386.8700 or
Additional Watershed Planning & Activity:
A number of other Fox River subwatershed groups are in various stages of developing, completing, and implementing plans for their watersheds. They are listed below, with links to their webpages/websites.

FREP continues to be a central source of information for these activities and will post meeting dates and information, and news of new planning here in the Downstream and on our website HERE.
   Subwatershed Links

9 Lakes Watershed Plan     Webpage

Blackberry Creek Watershed   

Boone Creek Watershed Alliance  

Ferson-Otter Creek Watershed   

Flint Creek Watershed Partnership 

Jelkes Creek-Fox River Watershed Coalition   Webpage 

Nippersink Creek Watershed  

Silver & Sleepy Hollow Creeks Watershed Coalition

Tyler Creek Watershed   Webpages

Woods Creek Watershed Study Stakeholders      Website

Other Activities & News of Interest
If you have an activity or event you'd like FREP to share on our Website or in the Downstream, please email the information to Becky at:
October 1, 2016
6 - 9:30 PM
McHenry County Conservation Foundation's Tap Into Your Wild Side Event
Fundraiser at Lost Valley Vistors Center, Glacial Park
FEE  Registration  Afew tickets left   Website
October 2, 2016
11:30 AM - 4 PM
Garfield Farm Museum's 35th Annual Harvest Days
Garfield Road north of Illinois 38, Campton Hills, Illinois
FEE   Website

                                                                                                       Photo from Garfield Farm
This year’s Harvest Days will celebrate with demonstrations of historic household and farm skills necessary to survive on the 1840s prairies of Illinois. From ox driving to spinning and weaving, the work of these settlers created one of the most productive centers of agriculture in the world. In the 1840s the focus was on the production of wheat hauled by farmers to the Chicago port where it began its worldwide journey by the Great Lakes and Erie Canal to the Atlantic.

Garfield Farm celebrates that the 95 acre Edward Garfield/Mongerson Brothers Farmstead has been added to the Garfield Farm and Garfield Tavern listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The expansion of the listing’s boundary falls in a most appropriate year as 175 years ago the Garfield family came to then Fairfield Township, now Campton Township, and purchased the 440 acre claim of Sam Culbertson. After living for five years in the Culbertson log house which doubled as home and inn, the Garfield family, in October of 1846, 170 years ago, moved into their new brick home and tavern as inns were called.
October 3, 2016
7 AM - 1 PM
Lake County Deicing Workshop
Lake County Central Permit Facility, 500 W Winchester Road Libertyville, 60048
FEE  Registration   Website
Tuesday, Nov. 1
Wednesday, Nov. 2
8 AM - 2 PM
McHenry County Salting Workshops
at City of Crystal Lake, 100 Woodstock St., Crystal Lake
FEE   Register by Oct. 28th     FLYER
Save the Monarch Butterfly!
You can help the Monarch butterfly!  Ask your mayor to sign the Mayors' Monarch Pledge!
Besides being beautiful creatures, Monarchs are important pollinators that help to grow the food that we eat everyday, and they are in trouble! Their populations have plummeted by 90% due to the loss of habitat from urban sprawl and intensive agriculture. We have lost much of the milkweed and native pollinator plants that Monarchs need to survive. 

Monarch butterflies need milkweed to lay their eggs, and their caterpillars only eat milkweed plants. If the Monarch butterfly is to be saved, we must all take action, and our mayors can lead the way!
Cities, towns, and counties can help by planting butterfly-friendly gardens, changing mowing schedules to promote the growth of milkweed, and educating residents about how and where to grow milkweed and other pollinator plants.
Prairie Rivers Network has created a petition to get Mayors to commit to at least 3 or 25 action items. Read the action items HERE.  Ask your mayor to sign the pledge!  Link to the petition
Check our River Clean-Ups Page for a calendar of Fox River watershed clean-ups.

We have posted the listings for all the upcoming
 Friends of the Fox River Clean-Ups

If you have a Clean-Up for us to post, please email
Center for Watershed Protection’s  Watershed & Stormwater Management Webcast Series:
    •  Sponsored by Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, held at facilities in Libertyville.
       2016:  Wednesdays -- October 12, November 16
       Check Flyer for specific locations       Noon to 1:30 PM        
      FREE - Bring your own lunch         1 CEC/2 PDH per webcast
      RSVP for each one to Darcy McNeill  Questions? Call Susan Vancil at(847) 377-7714
    •  Sponsored by Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources   Noon to 1:30 PM
2016:  Wednesdays -- October 12, November 16     Flyer
        1st Floor Water Resources Conference Room, 719 S. Batavia Avenue, Geneva
       RSVP to Cecilia Govrik at 
Becky Hoag, Communications Manager, Fox River Ecosystem Partnership    630-482-9157
Please email me if you have an email to add to our mailing list.

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