A number of focus areas have been created to work on various issues within the watershed. Several relate to action areas identified in FREP's Integrated Management Plan (Education, Habitat, Recreation, Water Quality). The Executive Committee includes advisors for many of these focus areas.

The current FREP focus areas and the advisors are:
Advisor: Janice Hill, Kane County Development Department  
Conservation Design
Advisor: Rob Linke, Kane County Div. of Environmental & Water Resources
Advisor: Elizabeth Hagen-Moeller, Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District
FREP-Fox River Study Group Representative
Megan Andrews, Kendall County SWCD
This person represents FREP
at the Fox River Study Group (website link)
Government Relations        
Advisor:   Katie Parkhurst, Village of Algonquin
Plans the Conversations About Conservation With Our Legislators programs 
Government Relations Page
Advisor: Jeff Mengler, Hey & Associates
Advisor: Holly Hudson, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)
Water Resources       
Advisor:  Dan Lobbes
Is involved with the EPA 319 Grant Program
WI-IL Fox River Water Trail Initiative    Webpage        
Advisor:  Karen Miller, Kane County Development Dept.
If you have questions about a specific committee or would like to participate in one,
please contact Becky Hoag, at 630/482-9157 or Email: