New Invaders Watch List  Network
The New Invaders Watch Network is a partnership of government, non-profit, and volunteer organizations dedicated to the early detection and control of new exotic invasive plant and insect species in the Chicago Wilderness (CW) region, an area of globally threatened natural communities. This region is a global transportation hub, providing access for plant and animal invasions.
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Their target species are known to be invasive in the Midwest or regions of similar climate, and are not currently known from CW or are relatively rare here.

Their goals are to:
--Increase understanding of invasive species impacts, their modes of invasion, and control measures to limit their spread
--Provide mechanisms to collect and share information on 15 plant and 2 insect target species to improve management strategies and predict future distributions
--Facilitate the prevention and control of new exotic invasives
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Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP)
is the local partner of New Invaders Watch Network

Pdf of NIIPP presentation
for the 1-19-11 FREP Meeting