Environmental Defenders of McHenry County
Environmental Defenders of McHenry CountyEnvironmental Defenders of McHenry County (formerly McHenry County Defenders) is a citizen organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the environment. The organization is committed to building sound ecological relationships between people and the natural world that supports all life. For over thirty-five years, this grass roots group of over 1,000 members has been educating and advocating for a variety of environmental issues. From protection of our high quality streams to addressing suburban sprawl, from transportation to recycling, from wild flower preservation to prairie restoration, the Defenders are at the forefront informing, educating and demonstrating ways citizens can ensure a healthy environment, now and into the future.    

Active volunteers participate in issue committees, which address pertinent environmental concerns. As growth in McHenry County accelerates, the Defenders promote conservation design and alternatives to sprawl. The Land Use Planning committee addresses issues related to local planning, zoning, transportation and sensible growth.    Water resource protection is a priority issue as Defenders safeguard the groundwater, surface water and wetlands in McHenry County. Defenders closely monitor the depletion of our groundwater due to growth and contamination. McHenry County is home to two of the highest quality streams in the state, the Kishwaukee River and the Nippersink Creek. Educational efforts directed toward municipal decision makers, private landowners and the general public focus on watershed protection through best management practices, conservation development, and an understanding of the value of the natural resources to the community. The Defenders also sponsor Friends of the Kishwaukee and Friends of the Nippersink.    

The Education committee conducts activities such as Earth Day and Full Moon Theaters. The Earth Day event is a collaborative effort with other environmental groups in the county and includes interactive booths on alternative energy, worm composting, recycled products, wildlife in need, and conservation.    

Defenders holds a monthly recycling drive to collect the household batteries, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs that are not taken by most waste haulers. Through these recycling efforts, Defenders keeps these hazardous materials out of the landfills. The organization provides educational opportunities on the benefits of waste reduction and advocated for the institution of curbside recycling throughout the county.    

In order to preserve our natural resources, the Natural Resources committee educates the community about the advantages and techniques of natural landscaping and manages roadside prairie restoration projects.    

The heart of the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County is its membership. This grass roots organization started in 1970 as a small group of environmentalists concerned with recycling and transportation. Now these issues are part of our daily lives. For more information call us, visit our website, or stop by our office on the square in Woodstock. Join us and become a citizen working for a healthy environment.
124 Cass Street, Suite 3  Woodstock, IL 60098  (815) 338-0393    Website: mcdef.org
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