Thanks to all who attended and participated in The 5th Annual Fox River Summit
Friday, March 10, 2017   7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Veterans Terrace at Echo Park
589 Milwaukee Avenue Burlington, WI 53105

Mark your calendars for next year's event:
Friday, March 23, 2018

The Fox River Summit has become an annual event with our Fox River stakeholders in Wisconsin
Here we provide information about the ongoing relationship with our Wisconsin partners
and presentations from the past summits
Summit Presentations
2017 Summit Presentations                  held March 10, 2017
2017 Summit Agenda                    2017 Summit Brochure
•   Results of a Diver-Assisted Suction Harvesting Approach to Starry Stonewort
    in 2015 and Current Monitoring Efforts in SE Wisconsin

    Brad Steckart, Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator,
    Washington and Waukesha Counties

•  Greater Redhorse and River Redhorse Status and Distribution
    in the Fox River Near Aurora, Illinois

    Leonard Dane, Fish Biologist, Deuchler Environmental, Inc.

•  Putting Wetlands to Work For Your Community
   Kyle Magyera, Wisconsin Wetlands Association

•  Nippersink Creek Watershed... (Still) Getting Projects Done!
    Randy Stowe, Nippersink Creek Watershed Manager

•  Fox River Inundation Mapping Project
   Sarah Marquardt, National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan, WI

•  Fox River Water Trail
   Karen Miller, AICP, Kane County Development Department, IL
   Rebecca Ewald, Administrator, Village of Waterford

•  State of the Fish: Recent Fox River Fisheries Monitoring and Plans For The Future
    Luke Roffler, Senior Fisheries Biologist, WDNR

•  Promoting Lake Shoreline Health: Understanding Personal Environmental
    Nancy Turyk, UW - Extension

•  Engaging Farmers in Cover Crop Work
   Jim Stute, Research Direct (for Nick Baker)

•  Proposed Changes to Water Quality Standards and How They Differ From the
   Current Standards in Wisconsin

   Kristi Minahan, Water Quality Standards Specialist, WDNR

•  The Illinois Fox River Group    James Kleinschmidt, P.E., Baxter & Woodman

•  Algae Blooms and Drinking Water Challenges in The Fox River
    Kyla Jacobsen, Elgin, IL Water Director

•  Water Quality Standards: Illinois Nutrient Science Advisory Committee Update
    Candice Bauer, US EPA

•  Testing The Waters: Hacking Our Way Into The Future Of Water Quality Sampling
    Dr. Eric Compas, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

•  Monarchs a nd Margaritas
    Vincent J. Mosca, Vice President - Hey and Associates, Inc.
2016 Summit Presentations                  held March 18, 2016
2016 Summit Agenda                    2016 Summit Brochure
Southeastern WI Fox River Commission (SEWFRC) Update
  Jim Pindel, Secretary SEWFRC

Fox River Ecosystem Partnership (FREP) & Northeastern Illinois Invasive Plant
  Partnership (NIIPP) Update

 Jeffrey Mengler, Senior Project Scientist, Hey and Associates, Inc., FREP President

Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Progress Update: The Power of Partners
  Nancy Williamson, Regional Watershed Coordinator, Illinois DNR
  Steve Byers

The Illinois Fox River Wisconsin Operators Group
  James Kleinschmidt, P.E., Baxter & Woodman

Clamming Up: The Unexpected Natural History and Conservation of Freshwater
   Mussels in the Fox River and Tributaries

  Todd Levine, Carroll University

The Algonquin-Carpentersville Fox River Corridor Plan
   Brian Daly, Associate Planner, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

Fox River Connectivity & Habitat Restoration & Status of Asiatic Carp Dispersal
  within the Upper Illinois River System

  Frank Veraldi, USACE, Chicago District

WI-IL Fox River National Water Trail Initiative
  Karen Miller, AICP, Kane County Development Department, IL
  & Rebecca Ewald, Administrator, Village of Waterford

Status & Management of the Invasive Starry Stonewort and Potential
  Implications for the Fox River System

  Tim Plude, Water Resources Management Specialist, WDNR

Report Card for the Mississippi River
  Harald (Jordy) Jordahl, Director, America's Watershed Initiative

The Evolving Science of Watershed Planning, Addressing
   the Need to Understand Social Context

   Aaron Thompson, UW-Extension  
2015 Summit Presentations
   Summit Agenda                   2015 BROCHURE

Southeastern WI Fox River Commission Update
  Jim Pindel, Secretary SEWFRC

Fox River Study Group Update
  Cindy Skrukrud, Chair, Fox River Study Group

The Fox Chain O’Lakes Health Report for 2014
   Kathleen Paap, Water Quality Specialist, Lake County Health Department’s
   Environmental Services Unit

Using Geomorphology in Stream Assessment and Restoration
   Andy Selle, Inter-Fluve

Nippersink Creek Watershed…Getting projects done!                     
   Randy Stowe, Nippersink Watershed Association

Fox River Water Action Volunteer Monitoring Program on the Wisconsin Side
  Jayne Jenks, Program Coordinator, Waukesha County Parks and Land Use

Meeting Municipal EPA Responsibilities With Students & Social Media
  Gary Swick, Friends of the Fox River & Deb Perryman, Elgin High School Teacher

The Rock River Trail Initiative: Its History, Vision and Goals
   Frank Schier, Founder and Coordinator of the Rock River Trail Initiative

Establishing and Promoting a System of Recreational Trails for the Rock River
   Greg Farnham, Coordinator of the Rock River Trail Initiative

• USEPA 9-Element Watershed Management Planning
   9 Key Elements    Andrew Craig, WDN
   Watershed Planning in Northeast Illinois
     Holly Hudson, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)
   Watershed Guide   Andy Yencha, UW-Extension                                                                                                              
How to Talk To and Engage Farmers in Watershed Planning
   Buzz Sorge, Program and Policy Analyst, WDNR

Clear Choices Clean Water
   Jill Hoffmann

Conserving Cranes, Waters, Landscapes and People Worldwide
  Jeb Barzen, International Crane Foundation, Director of Field Ecology
Article about the 2015 Summit in Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine
2014 Summit Presentations
   Summit Agenda                2014 BROCHURE
Summit Overview
Tom Slawski, SE WI Regional Planning Commission, Southeast Fox River Partnership

FREP Presentation
Elizabeth Hagen-Moeller, President

How Green Infrastructure Can Protect Water Quality
Tom Price, Conservation Design Forum

Kane County Green Infrastructure Plan
  Karen Miller, Kane County & Dennis Dreher, Geosyntec Consultants
  Miller Link      Dreher LINK

Streambank Stability & Riparian Buffer Inventory and Prioritization
   on the  Middle Fox River

  Geoffrey Parish, GRAEF

Fish Populations in the Lower Fox River
  Steve Pescitelli, Region II Stream Specialist with the IDNR

Nutrient Reductions and Dam Removal: Developing an Implementation Plan
   to Address Dissolved Oxygen and Algae Problems in the Fox River

  Rob Linke, P.E., Fox River Study Group, Inc. Board of Directors

Habitat Management Guidance for Amphibians and Reptiles
  Bruce Kingsbury, Indiana-Purdue University
National Water Trail Systems & technical program assistance to help
   communities develop water and land trails

Angie Tornes, National Park Service, Rivers & Trails Program
  LINK Part 1   LINK Part 2

USGS' WaterSMART initiative program
Eric Evenson Coordinator, USGS National Water Census     LINK
The 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Fox River Summits were presented by the SE Fox River Partnership in collaboration with the Fox River Ecosystem Partnership, with financial support from the SE Wisconsin Fox River Commission
Any questions, please contact Tom Slawski at
or 262-953-3263
Summit Website
Veterans Terrace